Comical Magician and MC
Wolfgang Riebe

Wolfgang Riebe - Cape Town

Wolfgang Riebe

A Triple Platform

28 Years global experience in over 144 countries & best selling author. As an international conference specialist and master of entertainment, Wolfgang uses his extensive academic background to present his unique triple platform. He does so by combining an ancient art with eloquent and tasteful platform oration.

Corporate Comedy Illusionist

A hobby in his youth led to world-acclaim as a global stand-up comedy illusionist with numerous prime-time TV series and books behind his name. Tongue in cheek, his verbal repertoire and quirky one-liners are chosen together with carefully chosen illusions in order to enhance the success of the evening. His passion to entertain has resulted in him embarking on a Ph.D in the corporate communications field.

Keynote Speaker

The future excellence in leadership communication is personified by well rounded, committed and dynamic individuals. Wolfgang believes that no matter how abundant your life, there is always room for improvement. He surpasses the boundaries of communication by embracing the divide between interpersonal communication relationships in the corporate world today.

Master of Ceremonies

A tri-ligual, unique and versatile link-man with the expert ability to capture any audience. He has accommodated many satisfied clients by hosting an entire two to three day conference that includes the entertainment, emcee and the keynote.

Wolfgang Riebe

Wolfgang Riebe